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Body Material : SUS304 Surface Treatment : Brushed Connection : 1/2 inch Male thread interface Filter Element : CTO(sintered activated carbon) Type of CTO: Sintered activated (honeycomb) Size : 80*80*310 mm


1.Sintered activated carbon filter, honeycomb integrated, large area of contact with water , purification reaction fully 2.Quality SUS304 body,brushed of surface treatment,without oil attachment and easy to cleaning. 3.Remove chlorine,color and odor strongly, impromve the drinkable water. 4.A perfect auxiliary for other water filter system. with uf filter (0.01um) working together,offer drinkable water by municipal water. 5. Also use for terminal water purifier,offer health water for kitchen water. 6. Lifetiem of the body reach 5~10 years, need change new cartridge every 6 months. 7. Easy installation,attach a shelf,standing on floor of undersink,connect the braided tube,no need tools installation.

Introduce of Sintered Activated Carbon

The sintered activated carbon filter core adopts high-quality powdered activated carbon, and through its unique low-temperature compression activation manufacturing process and deep filtration effect, the filter element forms an ultra-fine filter hole and the aperture is tortuous. It greatly prolongs the contact time between water and activated carbon during use, and can effectively filter out carcinogens such as color, odor, heavy metals and pesticide residues, and effectively inhibit bacterial growth. At the same time, the activated carbon can be fully utilized at the high temperature by utilizing the characteristics of the pore-forming material and the activated carbon with high adsorption capacity, so as to prevent the surface of the activated carbon from being adsorbed by the binder and reducing the adsorption function, thereby maximizing the adsorption specific surface area and adsorption. speed. And the use of "power traction" and "water pressure balance" and other physical effects, there will be no black water phenomenon due to the leakage of fine carbon powder, the filter can withstand up to 10 kg of water pressure, to ensure the purity and safety of water, taste more Glycol is delicious.

Brand Name: WHEELTON
Use: Under Sink
Water treatment machine Type: Central Water Purifier
Certification: UL
Certification: CE
Type: Ultrafiltration
5 Stage Filtration: No
Installation: Cold Water Pipe Installation
Purifying Position: Central Purification
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water
Material: Ultrafiltration