Wall Is No Bravery Water Temperature Control Water Purifier




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Product type: purifier

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Voltage: 220V (110V can not be used, 220V can be used)

This product needs to be equipped with a water purifier. It cannot be used as a filter.


[3-second quick hot pipeline machine, namely hot water dispenser, focusing on the manufacturing of drinking water terminal]


1. Toughened glass panel with high hardness, new ABS material, compact, ultra-thin, beautiful and generous;


2. The patented technology of nano-metal electrothermal body is safe and durable, and the heating speed is fast;


3. The boiling water will come out in 3 seconds, which will be turned on and out immediately. It is efficient and energy-saving.


4. Power, long service life, and no power consumption by standby;


5. Ultra-sensitive touch button, fast and convenient to use;


6. Highly intelligent design, water shortage protection, super-strong dry burning, water leakage and leakage;


7. Put an end to thousands of boiling water, yinyang water and secondary pollution;


8. All food-grade materials of water-wading parts, odor-free, safe and healthy;


9. Double outlets are designed to prevent cross temperature between hot and cold water, and the outlet is equipped with anti-hot light indication;


10. Adjust the amount of drinking water freely, change the size of the cup randomly, more humanized;


11. Safe child locks and care for children's access to water;


12. When heating, the water temperature changes from low to high.

Brand Name: Pink Bunny
Housing Material: ABS
Water Temperature: Ice Hot Type
Style: Wall Mounting Type
Model Number: BL-105S
Certification: Other
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 31.4*80*44.9cm
Voltage (V): 220V
Design: 0
Type: Hot & Cold
Power (W): 2200w
Installation: Desktop