Professional Adjustable 4000DPI 9D LED Optical Wired Gaming Mouse

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NEW Professional Adjustable 4000DPI 9D LED Optical Wired Gaming Mouse Excellent


  • 4000 DPI 7 RGB LED Adjustable 9D Button Wired Gaming Mouse Mice For PC
  • G2 nine key high end game mouse
  • 1: uses Internet bar exclusive high-end game mouse IC Annwa high three generation 3050 engine
  • 2:USB transmission, 1.5 m 3 anti breaking Nylon Braided pure copper wire
  • 3: use the unique one button to switch normal mode and eat chicken mode, switching mode is simple and easy to understand. Convenient and quick, pressing and grabbing and so on. After the switch is completed, it supports the definition of key macro and has the function of memory.
  • 4: the use of 10 million button switch, durable, chip board using high precision, low error electronic components, lifting the worries of defective products.
  • 5:DPI four file switch, color change according to DPI color. The four file is: 1000DPI-2000DPI-3000DPI-4000DPI
  • 6: normal mode DPI switch, 1000DPI red, 2000DPI blue, 3000DPI green, 4000DPI purple.
  • 7: using RGB seven color true color LED, after the end of gear adjustment will automatically cycle.
  • 8: is ergonomics design, ABS raw material + sub UV process. High end, air, anti fatigue. Glowing RGB luminescence
  • 10: support four files return rate: 150 "office" -250 "entry game" -500 "advanced game" -1000 "advanced game".
  • 11: product refresh rate can reach 6600 frames per second
  • Specifications and accessories:
  • Product size: 126MM*67MM*41MM
  • Naked machine weight: about 146g

Package content:

  • 1*mouse