Modern Water Filter Jug 2.0




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Product type: purifier

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Brand Name: xiaomi

Do what By Viomi?

Today in days, a healthy lifestyle has become more and more important. AND the water is the source's life, prestemos more attention when we drink water and we preocupemos more by our health. Our kettle sterilization UV focusing on providing safe water, cleaning and fresh. Filtro de 7 stages Advanced filtration system that includes a process 7 stages. It is you system It is more comprehensive than the normal carbon water filtration. Filters all impurities, such as lead, Mercury, aluminum, zinc, chlorine and Products Chemistry. As A result, the water tastes good, has no odor and still has the fluoride beneficial. Do what By not trying?

Done as food grade & ABS material: free BPA, le provides safe water, cleaning and fresh, eco-friendly medium setting

Ultraviolet Disinfection: produces water cleaning and balanced that has a great flavor, free from harmful pollutants and healthy until he is rich in minerals. Sterilized by ultraviolet light (sterilization version), with a pro ment by sterilization greater than 97%.

Antibacterial filter material

Produce pores inside each grained free carbon, creating young tunnels and spaces, inhibe extremely the bacteria growth. Design Design water filtration 360: use full each grained's coal filter, preventing the waste filter material. Life indicator smart filters: kindly remind that replace the filter to time. Fashion design design front Shipping: Free water injection, easy to operate Design Design Rechargeable USB: comfortable to use

main features:
the drink of fresh and clean water with a kettle viomi
the uv sterilization is safe and free from side effect
- he can effectively reduce deposits, residual chlorine and heavy metal
the filter medium, and it can prevent the growth of bacteria
the food is made of abs material, without BPA
- don't you need to open the lid, simplicity of operation
the low consumption of the uv light, uv light can use 40 times in a fully charged
the replacement cycle of the filter 6 weeks
the water purifier: 1.5 l


the voltage (in):220
product weight:10000 g
the package weight:15900 g
the size of the object (d x (x):26,50x14,50x26,20 cm / 10,43x5,71x10,31 inches
the package (p x (x):28,60x16,20x27,60 cm / 11,26x6,38x10,87 inches
package content:1 x 1 x kettle, filter, 1 x chinese user manual