Household Purify Kettle Water Filters 3 pcs




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Product type: purifier

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Your water filter jug offers many advantages filtered water

•     Improves taste of hot and cold drinks.
•     Is economical and convenient.
•     Prolongs domestic appliance life by preventing limescale
build up.
•     Is ideal for cooking healthy food.
•     Gives full flavour and better tasting tea and coffee.

MAXTRAis the key for cleaner, clearer great tasting filtered water

MAXTRAfiltration technology
•     Reduces limescale and substances, eg. chlorine, that affect taste and odour.
•     Reduces for your wellbeing metals such as lead and copper that maybe present in your water due to domestic plumbing.
–     due to the natural MicroporeFilter and powerful ProtectFilter.

MAXTRAFlowControl: Perfect filtration

MAXTRAFlowControl ensures the perfect filtration time for bestresults through the ideal combination of
The MAXTRAcartridgeandthe funnel of the BRITA water filter.

Lifetime of the MAXTRAcartridge.

MAXTRAcartridgelife depends on local water quality, such aswater hardness.
To ensure optimum performance you should change your MAXTRAcartridgeevery 2 months for average family.
To remind you of the next cartridgechange, yourMAXTRAwater filter jug is equipped with a cartridge exchange indicator.

Brand Name: xiaomi
Use: Pitcher
Water treatment machine Type: Water Pitcher
Certification: GS
Model Number: for Brita Picther
Interface Diameter: DN15
Function: Direct Drink
Type: Activated Carbon
5 Stage Filtration: Yes
Installation: vertical
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 1.0
Purifying Position: Other
Power (W): No Batteries
Time to market: Jun-15
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water
Material: Activated Carbon + Ultrafiltration
Quantity of Filter Cartriges: 1
Use: Pitcher Water Filter
voltage (v).: No Power