Faucet Water Purifier




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Product type: purifier

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Brand Name: ALTHY
Use: Faucet-Mounted
Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier
Certification: RoHS
Model Number: AL-FWP-01
Function: Indirect Drink
Type: Activated Carbon
5 Stage Filtration: Yes
Installation: Table Type
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 2.0
Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water
Material: ceramic

Filter material: Ceramic Activated carbon composite filter
Filtration accuracy: 0.1 micron accurate filtration
Removal: chlorine, sediment, rust, odor, sand, impurities
Retain: alkaline minerals water
Filter life: 3-5 months, According to local water quality
Applicable water source: Municipal tap water
Host material: Food grade ABS
Working pressure: 0.1- 0.4MPa
Purified water outlet Limited to: 1℃ - 30℃
Raw water outlet Limited to: 1℃ - 60℃