Copper Lead Pre-filter Pipe




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Product type: purifier

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1" to 3/4" Loose  joint water Purifier Copper Lead Pre-filter Backwash Remove Rust Contaminant Sediment Pipe Stainless Steel

3/4 inch: Pipe thread interfaces 25mm

3/4 inch: Pipe thread interfaces 25mm

1/2 inch: Pipe thread interfaces 20mm

Features and specifications

  • 1. Pre-water appliances, e.g. water purifier machine, water filter, RO, water heater.
  • 2. The first step of water purifier system. Efficient filtration of plankton, algae, sediment, rust and other large particles of impurities.
  • 3. Material: Copper body and transparent outer shell for space use.
  • 4.Siphonic backwashing technology
  • 5. Multiple interface commutative: have 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch external thread interface, and have 3/4 internal thread interface+1inch external thread interface.
  • 6. Durability: you can keep using it for 30 years.
  • 7. Filter element: 304 stainless steel mesh, 40 micron precision filtration.

Brand Name: purely life
Use: Under Sink
Water treatment machine Type: Pre-filter
Certification: RoHS
Model Number: PRL-pre02
Interface Diameter: DN25
Function: Indirect Drink
Type: Stainless Steel Mesh
5 Stage Filtration: No
Installation: Cold Water Pipe Installation
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 8.0
Purifying Position: Central Purification
Power (W): 0
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water
Material: Stainless Steel