Carbon Kitchen Tap Water Purifier




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Product type: purifier

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Carbon Kitchen Tap Water Purifier Mini Faucet Water Filter Easy Installation Water Cleaner with Washable Filtration Cartridge 0


Material: Made from food grade ABS, non-toxic, health-friendly, no smelly.

Thickening design, more durable and safe. Compared with other tap water filter, our faucet mount purifier, which thickness is 0.781cm, is two times thicker than other filters. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall of the filter is, the greater the water pressure will be beard and safer the filter is. 

Easy installation. Equipped with full range of accessories, which suitable for most of the kind of water tap, it can make you finish the installation more efficient.  

Superior filtration performance. The filter system has 7 type filter protection: natural diatom ceramics, activated carbon, calcium sulfite, rice stone mineralized ball, tourmaline, PP cotton and filter element screen, which can remove many harmful contaminants like chlorine, bacterium, virus, heavy metal, rust etc. Besides, it can even filter substance with 0.1 microns and so supply you with more healthier, cleaner, great-tasting water.

Washable and replaceable filter element, more economical and more environmental-friendly.

Water channel switch, easy for you to shift between filtered water and unfiltered water.



Before use, please turn on the filtered water switch and release the water for 3~5 seconds.

It is suggested that you should clean the filter element after using for 7~10 days and should replace it every 3~6 months. The specific time can be adjusted base on the local water quality.

You can use sandpaper or brush to clean filter element, but clean it with detergent is forbidden.

Please don’t filter water with over 45℃ to protect the filter element from damaging. 

If you find the flow of filtered water decreases obviously, you need to clean or replace the filter element. 

If you find the flow of tap water decreases and becomes uneven or the water is smelly, which indicates you need to clean the filter screen.



Material: Food grade ABS 

Filter element material: Ceramics

Use: Faucet mounted 

Water flow: 1.5L/min

Water quality requirements: Municipal water 

Function: Indirect drink 

Filter element Life: 3-6 months

Operating pressure: 0.1~0.5MPa 

Suitable filtered water temperature: 5~38℃

Color: White 

Weight: 338g  

Size: 14*5*11cm(L*W*H)

Brand Name: CkeyiN
Use: Faucet-Mounted
Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier
Certification: CE
Model Number: HB111W
Interface Diameter: None
Function: Indirect Drink
Type: Activated Carbon
5 Stage Filtration: Yes
Installation: Cold Water Pipe Installation
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 2.0
Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
Power (W): None
Time to market: Jun-15
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water
Material: Activated Carbon
Function: Tap Water Purifier
Feature: Faucet Water Filter