ATWFS 5 Stage Filter Cartridge




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5 Stage Filter Cartridge Water Purifier 75 gpd RO Membrane Reverse Osmosis Sysyem Water Filters For Home



Household water purifier filter cartridge : 1 pcs 10 inch PP cotton filter + 1 pcs 10 inch granular activated carbon +1 pcs 10 inch lump charcoal CTO+ 1 pcs Vontron RO-75G reverse osmosis membrane +1 pcs coconut shell activated carbon rear T33


Filter Description :
 The first stage filter : PPF meltblown filter , commonly known as PP cotton
 Size: 10 inches 5 micron
 Function: rust can effectively filter the water , sediment , colloids, suspended solids and other coarse solids .

The second stage filter : granular activated carbon filter , commonly known as UDF
 Size: 10 inches
 Function: granular activated carbon adsorption high , effective adsorption of chlorine , odor , color and other substances.

The third stage filtration : Precision mesh activated carbon filter, commonly known as CTO
 Size: 10 inches
 Function : to remove pesticides, chlorine and other organic matter , iron and manganese and other heavy metals , bacteria, odor , color and strong carcinogen chloroform and the like.
The fourth stage filter : RO reverse osmosis membrane
 Specifications : 75GPD
 Features : the use of ultra- high pressure generated static pressure mercury penetration of water molecules and ionic minerals through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane elements , and dissolved in water most of the heavy metals, organic compounds and bacteria , viruses , etc. are not available through reverse osmosis film is trapped ( reverse osmosis membrane pore long 0.0001um, and the diameter of the virus are generally 0.02-0.4um, common bacteria immediately 0.4-1um);

Fifth grade filters : Post antibacterial activated carbon filter, commonly known as small T33
 Size : 10 inches  /  1 /4 inch outlet
Function: suppression caused by bacteria regeneration , improve water taste.

Brand Name: ATWFS
Use: Pitcher
Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifying Machine
Certification: RoHS
Certification: CE
Certification: GS
Certification: CB
Model Number: Filter
Interface Diameter: None
Function: Direct Drink
Type: Reverse Osmosis
5 Stage Filtration: Yes
Installation: Kitchen Type
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 0.2
Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
Power (W): 0
Time to market: Jun-15
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water
Material: RO Membrane
Voltage (V): 0