7 UF Home Kitchen Purifier Water Filters




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-The 7-s water purifier effectively remove water sediment, rust, some bacteria in the microbial etc.
-Excellent filtration capacity, filter mud, rust, dust, inhibition of bacteria
-High quality filter shell, to prevent the growth of algae.
-Water pressure to provide power, no electricity.
-Suitable for installation in the household total inlet pipe or the need for pre-filter protection, vertical, hanging UF machine.

Name: Water Filter
Material: Plastic+PP cotton + Sintering
The Amount of water:120L/H
Color: White
Water temperature: 5-45℃
Water pressure: 0.1Mpa-0.4Mpa
Filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron
Product interface: 2 sub-interface
Sewage mode: Automatic sewage
Package Weight:3866g

Seven s Filter:
1.PP cotton
Remove the water in the sediment, iron, algae and other particles greater than 5 micron impurities.
*Recommended for 3 months replacement

2.CTO Compressed active filter
Remove the water color, smell, heavy metals and so on
*Recommended for 10-12 months replacement

3.PP cotton
Remove the water in the sediment, iron, algae and other particles greater than 5 micron impurities.
*Recommended for 3 months replacement

4.Nano weak alkaline energy filter
Adjust the level of PH,effectively transfers the water into weak alkaline and release some beneficial minerals and trace elements.
*Recommended for 24 months replacement

5. Cation softened resin
Effectively prevent the filth growing when in high temperature
*Recommended for 6-12 months replacement

6.Activated carbon filter
Removal of organic matter in water, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and other impurities. Improve the taste of water
*Recommended for 10-12 months replacement

7.Fast-connected ultrafiltration membrane
Deeply remove the bacteria,virus to keep the beneficial minerals and trace elements in the water
*Recommended for 24-36 months replacement

How To Maintenance:
-Filter replacement cycle needs to be based on the user's local water quality&water consumption.If the user change the filter cartridge in time,you can ensure a permanent pure water quality.

Package Included:
1x7-s water purifier(Contains filter elements)
Including: Faucet, valve, water pipe

Brand Name: becornce
Water treatment machine Type: Pre-filter
Use: Household Pre-Filtration
Interface Diameter: DN8
Power (W): other
Type: Reverse Osmosis
Material: PP Cotton
5 Stage Filtration: Yes
Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 6.0
Function: Indirect Drink
Installation: Kitchen/Wall/Table
Model Number: 7 stage
Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water/Well Water